• Do you know how much your insurance company charges to manage your pension?
  • Employed / Self Employed?
  • Should you merge your pensions together?
  • When was the last time you reviewed your pension?
  • Retirement Income & Annuities
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We can review your pension from any pension provider

Act now and transfer your pension. Your pension could be losing 1000's.

Your retirement could be at risk.

The time is to act Now!

Do you know how much your pension company is charging you each year to manage your pension fund?

If you answered no, The Pension Bureau can take you in the right direction to a better pension fund free of charge.

Do you have personal pensions or work place pension or maybe both?

If you have answered yes to any of these. We can take the time, energy and stress out of moving your pension comparing your pension with over 13 pension providers.

Do you want to transfer your pensions, don't know where to start?

At The Pension Bureau, we take the financial jargon out of pensions and give you a hassle free comparable report, so you can decide for yourself in the comfort of your own home and free of charge.

Is your pension doing the best for your retirement?

Our report will tell you if you are getting the best pension on the market. 

When was the last time your reviewed your pensions?

The Pension Bureau can help. We will tell you if your pension is in the best place. 

Is it a good idea to merge your pensions?

There isn't a question unanswered at The Pension Bureau. We have got pensions figured out. With upfront honest information our report will show you what pensions are on the market.

Are you thinking about transferring your previous pensions into a new company scheme?

Every pension is different and involves low and high risk options. If you have the best pension on the market, we make sure you know you do.

Are you thinking about transferring your pensions abroad?

The Pension Bureau is here to help no matter what countriy or location you live in. To find out more information read more about pension guidelines in the country you live in. Spain, America, Australia.

How does the Pension Bureau work ?

  1. Our advisers write to your existing pension company or companies to obtain a full report on your current pensions
  2. They will write to your employer if you are employed and get details of that scheme
  3. Once all the reports are received they will then explain whether you are better to leave the pensions where they are, move them into your company scheme or merge them together and move them into better funds.


If you require an immediate call back from an adviser


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Client Feedback

  • Many thanks to The Pension Bureau team for the impartial advice given. I have a number of frozen pensions along with my company pension, my best option was to transfer my frozen pensions into the company pension and take advantage of employer contributions

    Jenny Caldwell
  • Thanks to The Pension Bureau for their expert advice regarding my pension otions, it turned out I was best leaving my final salary pension where it was, with my former employer.

    Jack Wallwork
  • Thanks to the Pension Bureau team for untangling my many private pensions. With their expert help and advice I now have one pension that give me the best returns and will significantly out perform my old pensions.

    Simon Haslam
  • The Pension Bureau gave me unbiased expert advice on my company pension and highlighted areas where I could achieve better returns. Resulting from their advice I now feel confident and re assured by pension provisions are in good shape to see me through my retirement.

    Michael Taylor