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The Pension Bureau's local expert advisers scrutinise the entire UK pension provider market on your behalf and will recommend a pension plan that is best suited to your own personal requirements.

We pride ourselves on providing a completely impartial, individual service which we can promise will be far better value for money than your existing pension service.

Considering transferring your private or company pension can be a daunting and sometimes confusing business. Our advisors will offer you expert friendly advice on your options and will also give you a qualified explanation of the wide range of pension schemes available to you to ensure you make the right choice and opt for the right scheme that is tailor-made to your personal requirements.

Privacy and security is our top priority at all times. We ensure you have complete peace of mind every step of the way through the process.

The thorough process starts with a no obligation pension review which is completely free of charge. A detailed report is created on your current pension provision and recommendations will only be made if we feel we can improve your pension in any way whatsoever. If you are satisfied with our recommendations and decide to proceed with a pension transfer, a written report will be generated which clearly identifies all charges and costs before you commit to anything.

In some cases, moving to a new pension provider is not always recommended as the transfer may incur costs. In addition to this, some older pension contracts may penalise you for transferring your fund. Other features and guarantees may also be in place that would be lost in the event of your existing fund being moved.

Rest assured The Pension Bureau will carefully consider all the pros and cons before making a professional recommendation. We will ensure that you are totally comfortable and are able to make the most informed decision possible.

It literally couldn't be easier to start your pension transfer enquiry with The Pension Bureau. So take a huge step towards fulfilling your financial aspirations and securing for yourself the most settled and relaxing retirement you can.


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Client Feedback

  • Many thanks to The Pension Bureau team for the impartial advice given. I have a number of frozen pensions along with my company pension, my best option was to transfer my frozen pensions into the company pension and take advantage of employer contributions

    Jenny Caldwell
  • Thanks to The Pension Bureau for their expert advice regarding my pension otions, it turned out I was best leaving my final salary pension where it was, with my former employer.

    Jack Wallwork
  • Thanks to the Pension Bureau team for untangling my many private pensions. With their expert help and advice I now have one pension that give me the best returns and will significantly out perform my old pensions.

    Simon Haslam
  • The Pension Bureau gave me unbiased expert advice on my company pension and highlighted areas where I could achieve better returns. Resulting from their advice I now feel confident and re assured by pension provisions are in good shape to see me through my retirement.

    Michael Taylor
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