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Pension Transfers

As something we save towards for many years, a pension is something that is of great value to us personally. A pension sustains us throughout the final years of our lives when we are too old to work any longer and they help us to enjoy our latter years without having to worry about earning a living when we are incapable of doing so any longer.

During your working life, you may choose to transfer your pension from one pension scheme to another either through choice or because you have changed jobs. The Pension Bureau can help you with your pension transfers to another scheme or if you would like to merge different pension schemes.

Before making pension transfers

There are a number of things you need to think about before you make a pension transfer.

One important thing to consider is if you will be charged for making a pension transfer as this is the case with some older schemes. If you are likely to be charged, you should also try and find out how much the charges may be as they may not be as high as you were originally expecting and so therefore, as a consequence, you may decide to go ahead with the pension transfer after all.

You should consider whether the scheme to which you wish to transfer your pension will accept the move and what your contributions rate will be if you are allowed to make the pension transfer. Some pension schemes also have rules regarding how much you may be able to transfer from your current pension scheme, so you should also carefully consider this as well.

Other pension schemes have rules regarding such things as enhanced protection and protected pension ages. Some schemes ensure that you won't lose any fixed or enhanced protection you have when you transfer or any right to a protected pension age. Others don't however and this, as well as all these factors needs to be carefully considered before you make any transfer of your pension.

The Pension Bureau - Helping people with their pension transfers

If you want to move to another pension scheme, The Pension Bureau can help with your pension transfer. Our team of highly professional pension advisers have many years' experience and are experts in helping clients transfer to the right pension scheme for them. Simply fill in your details in the form to the right of the page so that we can discuss your needs further.

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Client Feedback

  • Many thanks to The Pension Bureau team for the impartial advice given. I have a number of frozen pensions along with my company pension, my best option was to transfer my frozen pensions into the company pension and take advantage of employer contributions

    Jenny Caldwell
  • Thanks to The Pension Bureau for their expert advice regarding my pension otions, it turned out I was best leaving my final salary pension where it was, with my former employer.

    Jack Wallwork
  • Thanks to the Pension Bureau team for untangling my many private pensions. With their expert help and advice I now have one pension that give me the best returns and will significantly out perform my old pensions.

    Simon Haslam
  • The Pension Bureau gave me unbiased expert advice on my company pension and highlighted areas where I could achieve better returns. Resulting from their advice I now feel confident and re assured by pension provisions are in good shape to see me through my retirement.

    Michael Taylor
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