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Retirement Income


We Can Beat The Annuity Providers' Rates Direct!

A recent survey showed that 2/3rds of people buy their annuities (pension income) from the same provider with whom they built up their pension.

By exercising your OPEN MARKET OPTION and shopping around you could increase your retirement income by up to 40%!

Different providers offer different features and benefits and every case is unique so there is no short answer as to which company is best for you. For instance, consider some of the following questions:

  • Would you want your spouse/partner to benefit after your death if they outlive you?
  • Do you want your retirement income to increase with inflation?
  • Do you want to take your 25% tax free cash lump sum?
  • Are you entitled to an Enhanced Annuity?

These are just some of the things you need to consider and it is important you get it right at the start as once you have 'bought' your annuity you cannot change this.

We have access to all the UK annuity companies and our fast friendly service will guide you to whichever one is best for you!

We will save you time and energy to help get you a better rate than you will get from the annuity providers direct!

Complete our FREE NO OBLIGATION FORM to find out how much more you can get in retirement!

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Client Feedback

  • Many thanks to The Pension Bureau team for the impartial advice given. I have a number of frozen pensions along with my company pension, my best option was to transfer my frozen pensions into the company pension and take advantage of employer contributions

    Jenny Caldwell
  • Thanks to The Pension Bureau for their expert advice regarding my pension otions, it turned out I was best leaving my final salary pension where it was, with my former employer.

    Jack Wallwork
  • Thanks to the Pension Bureau team for untangling my many private pensions. With their expert help and advice I now have one pension that give me the best returns and will significantly out perform my old pensions.

    Simon Haslam
  • The Pension Bureau gave me unbiased expert advice on my company pension and highlighted areas where I could achieve better returns. Resulting from their advice I now feel confident and re assured by pension provisions are in good shape to see me through my retirement.

    Michael Taylor
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